My name is Mateusz Ciesielski. Everyone calls me Matt.

I am here to provide my patients with natural, pharmaceutical free solutions for acute and chronic pain.

I use my hands, acupuncture needles, pinopressure pins and various exercise techniques to get you more comfortable in your own body.

I have developed my own style of work based on 10 years of experience and postgraduate training.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Physiotherapy in 2012, in Soft Tissue Manual Therapy in 2013 and have since continued my education attending to courses, workshops and seminars. Every day I strive to help my patients eliminate pain, educate them and empower them on how to live better and healthier lives.

I have always been physically active and over the years have attended dance classes, Judo, and my first big love – Taekwondo. All that experience has helped in my professional life as it has given me a better understanding of how our bodies function and what it is like to suffer from an injury.

I have started private practice in 2016 to deliver a high quality healthcare service. I first started in Warrington and surrounding areas and now you can find me in the clinic in Liverpool.

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